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*Image is displayed in low-resolution by manufacturer.


Size: 8.0


Color: Black


Unless stated otherwise all of our decks are constructed of 7 plies of 100% American Maple AKA Canadian Maple.

Manufacturer only makes top quality custom skateboard decks for professional use.  All of the manufacturer's decks are cold pressed. This method takes more time than a hot pressed deck but does not subject the wood to high temperatures that can weaken the wood fibers. Careful attention is made to the fine details like veneer moisture content and the uncut decks are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks before finishing.


*Please note: Skateboards have a 4 week or less turnaround time. Plus transit.

Spooky Cool Creations 'L.H. Anne Lives' Skateboard

  • Dig Halloween and love skateboarding? Vice-Versa? Spooky Cool Creations has you covered!

     Take on the streets this Halloween (or anytime) in style! Makes for a great wall art piece, as well!

    It's almost Halloween, but Anne just couldn't wait to snatch the souls of the little dead! Help her round up all the "treats" she needs, on this Spooky Cool Creations Original Halloween Artwork Skateboard, today!

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