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There is nothing like owning a made-to-order piece of art, and Spooky Cool Creations' strives to make that happen! We proudly offer a small variety of the original 'Jack-O-Lantern Spray Can'!

Made with used spray cans and a trusty Leatherman multi-tool. Each can offered derives from the original cans located under luminaries, on the Creations page. However, no two Jack-O-Lantern cans will ever be identical. Similar, yet individual.

 Luminate your Halloween (or anytime) with a unique, original, one of a kind, Jack-O-Lantern spray can, today!

Be sure to check out the Shop for Skateboards, clothing, die-cuts, stickers and much more!

Note: Only full-sized spray cans with a "QUOTE" link in the description, are available for made-to-order.

A deposit of 50% is required. An invoice will be sent upon quote request.

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